I teamed up with the amazing Emily Brookover to co-curate a food themed art exhibition at CityArts called “Bibs & Forks Food Invitational.” I won’t have any art featured in the exhibition but I created this really silly poster for the exhibit. I hope you like it.

The exhibition opens on Final Friday, July 28th and it will feature art by Brad Ruder, Richard Crowson, Rachel Foster, Kelsy Gossett, Christian Taylor, Ernest Vincent Wood III, Jack Wilson, Wade Hampton, Charlotte Martin, John Pirtle, Dane Jones, Ian Blume, Michella Tripoli, Brady Scott, Charles Baughman, Lauren Fitzgerald, Torin Andersen, and Christian Taylor. The exhibit will be on display in the Boardroom Gallery on the 2nd floor.

“Bibs & Forks Food Invitational”
CityArts – 334 N. Mead St.
Boardroom Gallery – 2nd Floor
Final Friday, July 28th
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Bibs & Forks Poster 2017 WEB

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