Monthly Archives: April 2017

Last night I started working on a new “Lady Dracula” illustration that is meant to be a companion piece to “The Bride” print that I created for Tilt Union last year.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.41.42 AM.png


The “Blue Period” exhibit opens at the Vertigo 232 Art Gallery this Friday! I created a new painting for the exhibit and I hope ALL of you can stop by to say hello.

Blue Period
Vertigo 232 Art Gallery
232 N Market St
Friday, April 21st
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Facebook Event Page –

Featured Artists:
Aaron Krone, Alex Walker, Amy Warfield, Ann Krone, Brad Ruder, Brittany Schaar, Charles Baughman, Charlotte Martin, Chiyoko Myose, Chris Frank, Christopher Gulick, Chuck Dooms, David Christiansen, Denise Melinda Irwin, Dustin Parker, Ed Langston, Erin Raux, Georgia Andersen, Hallie Linnebur, Heather Byers, Ian Stewart, Jack Wilson, Jim Phillips, Jonathan Wood, Josh Johnico, Josh Tripoli, Kevin Mullins, Kody Ramsey, Lauren Fitz Miller, Lee Shiney, Leigh Wallace, Maia Petroucheva, Marc Bosworth, Marc Marshall, Margaret Sweeton, Mark Walker, Mary Werner, Matthew Hilyard, Matthew Miller, Meghan Miller, Melissa Slates, Michael Pointer, Mike Miller, Paul Hudson, Rachel Foster, Rebecca Hoyer, Rebekah Lewis, Richard Crowson, Sara Crow, Shannon Renee Trevethan, Sonny Laracuente, Stacy Renee, Tabitha Oblinger Bean, Tara Hufford Walker, Ted Krone, Torin Andersen and Victor Alonso

Live Music by The Outlaw Blues Society
Lewis Cowdrey, Bill Garrison
Ruby White, The Masked Marauder

Tattoos by Randy Serna