“CHROMA,” my upcoming solo exhibition at Vertigo 232 Art Gallery, is only a few weeks away but I’m still a few dozen paintings away from being “finished.” My goal is 60 new paintings and I’m nowhere near that goal. Wichita keeps throwing distractions at me and I keep getting seduced by live music, art shows and film screenings. Today I spent the entire day in the studio and I managed to get 18 new paintings started. At this point they have a couple layers of paper and one layer of paint. I’m starting to get a blister on my thumb from the chip brush I was using to apply the acrylic matte medium onto the panels. I stopped at 18 because I’m running low on acrylic matte medium and I wanted to make sure I had enough to finish the 18 paintings I had already started. I’m guessing I’ll end up using at least 2 gallons of acrylic matte medium total. I ordered another gallon this morning and it should arrive in a couple days. Hopefully I have enough to hold me over until then. Tomorrow I will add a couple more layers of paint and paper and then I’ll get messy and drip and splatter some paint. I also need to find some time to work on a few freelance graphic design projects and create a slideshow for my Wichita Art Chatter presentation at the Wichita Art Museum. November is going to be a very busy month. Next month is nothing but Netflix and Tacos.


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