Tonight was the final session of my Abstract Painting class with Jim Gross at Mark Arts. Tonight I started two new paintings but I didn’t make much progress. I currently have 9 new paintings in the works. I have a big solo show coming up very soon and I need to start being more productive and finish some paintings. The painting class was a great experience. Jim Gross is an artist that I greatly admire and I am extremely happy that I got a chance to be his student. Taking this class often took me out of my comfort zone and kept me motivated to keep painting on a regular basis. The class reminded me that working in a new or different environment can often give your creativity a kick in the pants. It was also really great to see Georgia and Torin Andersen¬†every week. They are both extremely talented visual artists and musicians and they are also extremely modest. They are two of my favorite people and I am always excited to see or hear their art. I would love to take more classes at Mark Arts in the future. I would love to learn a thing or two from Matthew Hilyard. You never stop being a student and if you are a smart student you study under great teachers like Jim and Matthew.



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