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Tonight was the 11th session of my Abstract Painting Class with Jim Gross at Mark Arts. Tonight I started 2 small paintings and made some progress on the painting I started working on last week. The classroom was really hot and I was struggling to get into a creative mindset. I can’t be creative or productive when I am a hot and sweaty. Tonight I decided I need to use more red.



Sponge Baths and FrankfurtersSponge Baths and Frankfurters | Mixed Media On Wood

PicnicPicnic | Mixed Media On Wood

Self DefenseSelf Defense | Mixed Media On Wood

UxasUxas | Mixed Media On Wood

sleepwalkerSleepwalker | Mixed Media On Wood

PrometheusPrometheus | Mixed Media On Wood

BlackstarBlack Star | Mixed Media On Wood

Do You See What I SeeDo You See What I See? | Mixed Media On Wood

SanctumSanctum | Mixed Media On Wood

I hope all of you can visit the Riney Fine Arts Gallery at Friends University this Final Friday to see the “Ephemeral” exhibition. The exhibition features work by Curt Clonts, James Gross, Matthew Hilyard and myself. I’m extremely proud of this exhibition and I’m extremely honored and humbled to be sharing a gallery with these 3 artists. The shenanigans will begin at 5:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm. We will provide eye candy, hot pizza, cold beverages and big hugs.

I created 9 new paintings for the exhibition. This painting is called “Sponge Baths and Frankfurters.” All of my paintings will be available for sale and I gladly accept cash, check, credit or tacos. See you on Friday!

For more info about the show check out our Facebook Event Page –

If you need help finding the Riney Fine Arts Center please visit

Sponge Baths and Frankfurters.jpg

This week I was bestowed with the great honor of being interviewed by the amazing Kevin Wildt for the We Are Wichita Podcast. You can listen to the podcast right now at

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Abstract Class #9

Tonight was the 9th session of my Abstract Painting class with Jim Gross at Mark Arts. Tonight I started working on a new diptych consisting of two 3×4 ft panels. I want to create some larger paintings that will allow me to experiment with bigger and more expressive brushstrokes. I want to make some big bold messy paintings. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of painting with a big broom. The biggest brush I can find. I like to use multiple panels because they are easier to transport and they take up less storage / studio space. They are also less likely to warp. Wood can be unpredictable sometimes. At this point the left panel has a couple layers of paper and paint and the right panel is still completely naked. I sill have sever hours of pasting and painting to do before I can get really messy. Jim was encouraging us to take home a bunch of old magazines and books that Mark Arts is planning on throwing out soon. I found a bunch of great books / magazines that will make worthy sacrifices for my next series of collage paintings. I also found a great book on Roy Lichtenstein and an exhibition catalog for an abstract painter named Gary Komarin. I’ve never seen Komarin’s work before but the book is full of great abstract paintings. There is a very good chance you will see his work on Proteus Mag soon.


Abstract Class #10

Tonight was session #10 of my Abstract Painting class with Jim Gross at Mark Arts. Tonight I was 30 minutes late but I still managed to get a good start on a new painting. I ended up ripping up the paper table cover that was covering my table and pasted a piece of it onto my painting. Anything within arm’s reach has the potential to become part of my paintings. I couldn’t find my trusty plastic Cox card so I ended up borrowing a big squeegee from Jim to push the paint around. It ended up working really well. I now have 2 new paintings in the works for my next solo show in December. I am going to be spending some quality time in the studio this Fall.


Speaking of tables… The table in my studio is covered with paint because I often use the table as a palette when I need to mix paint colors or clean excess paint off of my brush or palette knife. Last night I discovered that one of my rubber brayers was stuck to the table and when I attempted to remove it a big chunk of paint peeled off of the table. So I peeled off more of the paint and set it aside for a future painting. Like I said… Anything within arm’s reach can potentially become part of my painting.



#7 (I forgot to post this last week)

Tonight was the 7th session of my Abstract Painting class with Jim Gross at Mark Arts. Tonight I started 3 new paintings and pasted some more paper on one of the paintings I started last week. Today was all paper and no paint. So far I have 10 paintings in the works but nothing that I would call “finished.” My hope is to finish all 10 paintings by Monday and 5 or 6 of those paintings will be featured in the “Ephemeral” exhibition at Friends University.



Tonight was the 8th session of my Abstract Painting class with Jim Gross at Mark Arts. Tonight I worked on two of the paintings I started working on last week. I should be able to finish both paintings later tonight. i’ve become really obsessed with Crayola color sticks. They are really amazing. They are my new favorite drawing tool.