Tonight was the 5th session of my Abstract Painting class with Jim Gross at Mark Arts. I always bring a huge Rubbermaid container filled with old books, comics, paper scraps, a gallon of acrylic matte medium, tubes of paint, masking tape, paint brushes and other miscellaneous art supplies. I bring way too much shit to class and that box is really fucking heavy. I need to scale down. I might start by leaving my crayons at home because all of my crayons melted. You should never leave crayons, puppies or children inside a hot car. Tonight I continued to work on the two paintings I worked on last week. It was hot and I felt a little nauseous and I was struggling to get into a creative mindset. I added some purple to one of the paintings and it came alive and started to look like a “good” painting. The other painting went the other direction. I really fucked it up. The highlight of the evening was watching the legendary Jim Gross paint. He was working on a new painting for the “Ephemeral” exhibition at Friends University. The painting looks amazing already. I can’t wait to see the final product.


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