For over a decade, Charles Baughman has been building all of the cradled painting panels that I use for ALL of my paintings. It pays to know people like Charles that know how to properly use power tools and build things. If I had to build my cradled painting panels myself I wouldn’t have any fingers. Instead of cutting off my fingers and getting a hand full of splinters I just watch cartoons and eat nachos in my underwear while Charles is stuck in his studio doing all of the hard work.

Charles Baughman is now taking orders for his wooden cradled painting panels. You can place your order by calling Charles at 316-259-7272.

– Made with high quality mahogany door skin and high quality kiln-dried pine boards.- Front and back surfaces will be patched, sanded and primed with KILZ® Primer.

– Boxes measuring greater than 24” x 48” get additional center bracing and corner braces to minimize warping.

– Please keep in mind that these boxes are handmade and may have a 1/8” – 1/4” size discrepancy due to blade width.
- NO RUSH ORDERS. Turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.

– Custom sizes are available. Ask for a quote!

– 50% deposit is required on all orders.

– $150 minimum order.

Testimonial / Richard Crowson
Charles brings the same meticulous attention-to-detail attitude to his box-building that he does to everything else. These are precisely made alternatives for painters who want a smooth surface support for their paints instead of rough canvas. They take paint beautifully and, since they are shallow “boxes,” no framing is required. If you’re tired of painting on Masonite panels, going to the trouble of either cradling or framing them, Charles’ boxes are exactly the solution. He makes ’em in lots of sizes, to your specs, and prices them cheap enough for starving artists to still have pocket change for buying boxed wine! I’m hooked.

Boxes By Baughman Ad-01.jpg


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