Tonight was the third session of my Abstract Painting class with Jim Gross at Mark Arts (Formerly The Wichita Center for the Arts).

Before I went to class I checked my mail and discovered an envelope from Cox Communications and inside this envelope was a plastic card. I’ve been using an expired credit card as a palette knife and I thought this plastic card from Cox Communications might be a good replacement for my old credit card. Then I rummaged through my storage closet where I keep most of my old paintings and I discovered 3 unused cradled wood panels that Charles Baughman built for me. They were at the very bottom of the stack but I was happy to find them. I’ve been experimenting with painting on watercolor paper and I’ve been getting frustrated with the results. I wanted to paint on wood again and regain my mojo. A few minutes later I dropped the box containing all of my crayons and color pencil sticks and they scattered all over the floor. I was hot. I was late to class. I was tired. I was frustrated. Fucking crayons!

Once I arrived to class I jumped right into the fire and started painting. I instantly got into the zone. I was not fucking around. I managed to get two new paintings started and I’m really happy with them so far. I hope I don’t fuck them up. I ended up doing all of my painting with the plastic card from Cox Communications. That fucking card was amazing. It was magical. I hope they keep sending me junk mail.

Here is a detail of Painting #2.IMG_7473

Here is the magical plastic card from Cox Communications. IMG_7480


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