I’m extremely honored and excited to be one of the participating artist’s in Josh Tripoli’s “Artless: a Community Art Experience” at CityArts. This will be your chance to collaborate with Wade Hampton, Charles Baughman, Steve Murillo, Kathleen Shanahan, Chuck Dooms, Josh Tripoli, the Ict-Army of Artists and myself to create original works of art. I encourage ALL of you to come to this event and make art with us! Details below…


ARTLESS is a community service that invites the public to actively create with artists in our community. Eight local artists / artist collectives will engage the public through artist-directed “stations” in a two-part event starting July 1 in CityArts’ Main Gallery.

Join us on July 1 and take part in the community art event. Move from station to station and contribute to large community bodies of art. All art pieces will be finished by the area artist running each station and will be on display at CityArts beginning July 29.

The Artist Stations for ARTLESS 2016 are:
Wade Hampton – Imaginary Portraiture
Steve Murillo – Skyscapes
Kathleen Shanahan – Figure Drawing / Collage
Charles Baughman – Landscapes / Drip Painting
Dustin Parker – Painting / Paper Collage
Chuck Dooms – Digital Manipulation
Josh Tripoli – Community Canvas
Ict-Army of Artists – Collaborative Mural.



My collage paintings are created using acrylic paint and found materials such as maps, old comic books, crossword puzzles, diagrams, wallpaper scraps, grocery lists, wrapping paper, magazine clippings or any other kind of paper that I find visually engaging. I will paste several layers of paper onto a wood panel and then apply paint using brushes, paint rollers, old credit cards, knives or my hands. I may also draw on the paper using crayons, paint pens or colored pencils. Sometimes I will remove the paper with an X-acto knife or a power sander to reveal the layers of paper beneath the surface. I keep repeating this process of adding and subtracting paper and paint until the painting “feels” finished. I just listen to my gut. I let my gut make the final decision. I try to leave my brain out of it.

Rather than scavenging garage sales, comic book bargain bins and used book stores for collage materials, the Artless participants will paint and/or draw on paper to create the collage materials that I will use to create my next collage painting. The participants can draw and/or paint patterns, words, shapes, doodles or textures onto the paper provided. I will paste this paper onto a wood panel and paint on top of it as I would with any other painting that I would create.


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