Here are all of the paintings from THE BEAUTIFUL CONFUSION exhibit at Watermark Books & Cafe in 2009.

After editing all of the photos I now understand why I neglected to edit and post them way back in 2009. Some of the photos look really really terrible. The small paintings look great but the larger paintings really suffered from my inadequate photography skills and equipment. Which haven’t improved much since 2009.

I didn’t include the titles with the paintings because I honestly can’t remember all of them. I know the titles but I don’t know which title goes to which painting. So I thought it would be fun to list the titles and let you waste your time matching the titles with the paintings.

Alligators In The Sewers
Network W12
Scrap Heap
Red Rabbit
Love Is Confusing
Attack From Above
Communication Breakdown
They Came From The Sea
The Sky Is Falling
Beautiful Chaos
Public Water Supply
Haunted Rooms
Armageddon Machine
Subtraction Equations
Empty City Part 1
Empty City Part 2
Empty City Part 3
My Soul Is Full Of Holes
Fire Storm
Flowers For Katie
Parallel Universes
Teetering On The Edge Of The Known Universe
Language Barrier
Radiation Burst
Love Is My Language
The Ghost In Grandma’s Kitchen
Destination Unknown

Alligators In The SewersCommunication BreakdownEmpty City Part 1Empty City Part 2Empty City Part 3Flowers For KatieHaunted RoomsI_GIVE_UNTIL_IT_HURTSInfestationMy Soul Is Full Of Holesnetworkw12Painting 03Painting01Painting02Painting04painting06painting07painting08painting09painting10painting11painting12painting13painting14Public Water Supplyred-rabbitribcagescrap-heapThe Beautiful ConfusionThe Ghost In Grandma's KitchenThe Sky Is FallingPainting03.jpg


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