One question I forgot to include in my EYES TO FEED Q&A

You have a ton of paintings in this show! Do you ever cut paintings from the final selection?

I don’t cut anything. I show everything. Warts and All! I’ve learned from past experience that the paintings that resonate the most with my audience are often the paintings that I considered cutting out of the show. I never know what people will like or not like. Sometimes it is hard to judge the quality of your own work. Sometimes you can’t see why one painting is great or why another painting is awful. When I create a new body of work there is always an evolution that happens and each of those paintings represent a point in that evolutionary timeline. Every painting is part of the larger story. I prefer to present the unabridged version of that story. The chapters would have names like “This is when I started using purple” or “This is when I tried to paint like Willem de Kooning.”

Tangerine Dream.jpg
Tangerine Dream | Mixed Media On Wood

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