Tonight I finally photographed all of the leftover paintings from the “Two-Headed Beast” exhibit. I don’t have the proper equipment to get the results I really want but with a little bit of Photoshop magic the photos will be “good enough” for the internet. One of the many reasons I’ve become primarily a digital artist is that nothing is lost in translation between what I see on my computer monitor and what my audience sees in both print and digital media. In other words, my digital art looks better. My camera fails to capture all of the subtle nuances and textures in my paintings. My paintings really need to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated. At some point I need to make a deal with a photographer that can properly shoot my paintings in exchange for tacos or beer or paintings or graphic design or lap dances or high fives. I’m ready to barter.

I hope to have my crappy photos edited and ready for public consumption later this week. Stay tuned.


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