Work In Progress – I apologize for the lack of “Two-Headed Beast” updates. I’m happy to say I won the battle against the evil intestinal gremlin and I am now fully restored to my usual 70% healthiness. (I am a fat guy with sleep apnea, allergies and high blood pressure) I spent the past few days catching up on various freelance graphic design and illustration projects (because my woman needs cigarettes and my cats need tuna.) Now my sole purpose for living is to paint like a madman. I have nothing else to do. No other commitments. Just me and the easel and the Smashing Pumpkins. With the mighty power of black coffee I will now create something pretty to arouse your eyeballs. I have 13 new paintings finished and 4 more in the works. I just purchased a fresh box of colored pencils and crayons in the hopes to channel my inner child. In the meantime… Here is a detail shot of a painting called “Turner Vision.” It is by far the most colorful and organic piece in the show. Back to work.



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