Work In Progress – I always put 2 or 3 coats of water based Polyurethane varnish on all of my paintings which helps protect the paintings from the elements and makes the colors more vibrant. It is amazing to watch the colors transform as you brush on the varnish. 99% of the time I’m perfectly happy with the colors being more vibrant but sometimes subtle colors or details end up becoming more visually striking than I would like. Such is the case with a painting called “The Deep.” I ripped off layers of paper to reveal some of the comic book pages pasted underneath and originally these images were very subdued (30% opacity). However, when I brushed on the varnish the images suddenly became very vibrant and are now at 100% opacity. Which I’m not crazy about. But I still like the painting overall. The other downside of using Polyurethane varnish is the migraine headache I get from the fumes. But it will make a shitty painting look beautiful. Magic! Back to work.



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