Work In Progress – After the Easter Sunday shenanigans I retreated to my studio and started working on a new painting. I wanted to paint something that was an amalgamation of Francis Bacon, Dave Kinsey and Richard Diebenkorn. A strange creature indeed. I wanted to paint a crude abstract face that still had representational elements. But very early into the process I realized that the strange painting inside of my head was never coming out of my hands. There are dozens of amazing paintings inside of my head that will never escape into the physical world. I blame a lack of talent and an abundance of laziness for my failures. Despite my best efforts the painting refused to follow my lead. I decided that I should abandon my original plan and allow the painting to take the lead. And this is where my journey ended. I’m not exactly sure where I am or where I am going but I will continue to follow my gut until I reach a suitable conclusion. This morning I took a photo of the painting and used Adobe Photoshop to trouble shoot the painting. I made the forehead smaller and defined the chin more. Stay tuned. 

Before Photoshop

After Photoshop


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