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The ArtAID live art auction and cocktail party is Wednesday, May 6th, 7pm – 10pm at Abode Venue. Tickets are $50 each, and include entry into the event, 2 free drink tickets, and access to food and the cigar bar.

You can purchase tickets now at

Positive Directions asked me to donate a painting for the ArtAid Live Art Auction at Abode Venue and when I raided my storage closet in search of forgotten treasures I unearthed a 6′ x 4′ portrait of Abraham Lincoln titled “Lincoln’s Ghost” that I painted in 2005. I’m known for painting portraits of Abraham Lincoln and this particular painting is not only the biggest Lincoln portrait I have ever painted but it is also one of my personal favorites. The fact that this painting has survived 10 years in my studio without being recycled or destroyed is proof that I really like this painting. Please support Positive Directions and the wonderful work they do for our community by paying a ridiculous amount of money for my painting.

The event is sponsored by: Standard Beverage, Fork & Fennel, Chester’s Chophouse, Newport Grill, District Taqueria, Douglas Ave. Chop Shop, Cocoa Dolce, The Humidor, Lamphouse Photo Co., and KMUW.



I want to thank all of the amazing people who came to Newman University’s Steckline Gallery today and listened to Turner and I ramble about our silly paintings for 45 minutes. And thanks again to Mary Werner for making it happen.

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Greg Turner and myself will be at Newman University’s Steckline Gallery today (Tuesday, April 28th) at noon for the “Art For Lunch” lecture series to talk about the “Two-Headed Beast” exhibition. Feed us some questions and we will regurgitate our version of wisdom.




 I took a break from cleaning up my studio / office and started working on a new painting. The beast never sleeps.



I want to thank all of the amazing people who stopped by Newman University to check out the “Two-Headed Beast” exhibition. I also want to thank all of the people that purchased art tonight. Your patronage is much appreciated and I am honored whenever anyone spends their hard earned cash on my artwork. I want to thank Mary Werner for inviting me to show at Newman University. I can now check off another item on my bucket list. I want to thank the amazing Marc Lyle Durfee for hanging the exhibit. I also want to thank Greg Turner for sharing the walls with me and being a continued source of inspiration. I would also like to apologize for my brief absence this evening. I was asked to say a few words at Ted Krone and Ann Krone’s retirement shindig at Friends University and I had to abandon my post to pay tribute to two very wonderful people. If you happened to miss the show tonight it will remain on display until May 15th. And don’t miss our “Art For Lunch” artist lecture on Tuesday, April 28th at Noon – 1:00pm.



Every painting in the “Two-Headed Beast” exhibit has been supervised and approved by Gilligan The Beagle. If the show sucks it is 100% his fault.



Work In Progress – Almost finished. The final tally will be 16 new paintings. Number 17 wasn’t meant to be. The last 2 paintings were a huge departure from the other paintings. The crayons must have triggered an untapped well of creativity that I haven’t visited in a very long time. I had fun breaking crayons and making scribbles. I wish I had more time to make a few more. The image below is a detail of a painting called “Gumball Machine Head” and it happens to have Greg Turner’s handwritten title list pasted on it. So it is technically a collaborative painting of sorts. Well… My eyes are getting fuzzy so I must finish my work before the sandman pays a visit.