I want to start my Monday shenanigans by sending out a super gigantic thank you to all of the amazing freaks and ghouls who came to the “12 FINGERED HAND” exhibit on Halloween night. Mike Harris gets a double decker thank you sandwich for his superior picture framing skills. Another rocket powered thank you goes to John and Connie Ernatt for being amazing hosts. But the biggest and brightest thank you goes to my fellow artists for being my partners in crime. Thank you for sharing a gallery with me. Thank you for being insanely talented artists. Thank you for being awesome people. This experience has truly rejuvenated me and put new life into a burnt out battery. Maybe this ragtag group of misfits will meet again in another time and place to make magic again.

And now a very important announcement…

Due to popular demand, the “12 FINGERED HAND” exhibit will remain on view at the Diver Studio until Friday, November 14th. We will celebrate the closing of the “12 FINGERED HAND” with a public party on Friday, November 14th, 7-10pm.

That same evening, the ID-ology artist collective (Chris Frank, Ed Langston, Greg Turner, David Christansen, Ted Krone, Greg Johnson and Mark S. Walker) will be exhibiting at Go-Away Garage.




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