This weekend I locked myself inside the nerd cave and diligently worked on a new batch of artworks for the “12 FINGERED HAND” exhibition while I binge-watched horror films and listened to Joy Division. I conquered the urge to indulge in Wichita’s many distractions, such as GOODING’s live performance at the Murdock Theatre and The Tallgrass Film Festival and the October At The Oldtown Horror Festival to name a few. Now is not the time for indulgences. I must focus and stay productive and create some delicious eye candy for all the little monsters. I have one digital illustration 100% finished and I’m very happy with the final outcome. It took many detours and wrong turns to get there but It got there. It doesn’t help that my iMac has one foot in the grave and struggles to process my madness. But I have to keep riding this dinosaur until it dies the true death.

I’m now hard at work on digital illustration #2. Illustration #2 was going to be a hot pink praying mantis and then it was going to be an ice cream truck and then it was going to be a bird perched on a zombie’s hand and then Illustration #1 ate up so much valuable time that I decided to dig up Abraham Lincoln’s corpse for one more party. I already had a new Abraham Lincoln portrait in the works and people seem to enjoy my Abraham Lincoln portraits so It seemed like a no-brainer to bring Honest Abe back from the dead.

As I’ve stated before, it is easy to abandon ideas when I have the “TWO-HEADED BEAST” exhibition right around the corner.

So expect more skulls and giant bugs and dinosaurs and ice cream trucks and monsters and more in the “TWO-HEADED BEAST” exhibition in 2015.


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