I’m in the midst of a creative fury trying to create something special for the “12 FINGERED HAND” exhibit at Diver Studio. The majority of my work will be small abstract works but I’ve been eager to experiment with the cross pollination of analog and digital. In the past I’ve always kept my analog and digital work separate but I’ve been thinking about ways to merge the two and create a new kind of monster. I wanted to create one big ugly beast.

I started working on a new digital illustration in the hopes that it would become the first test subject in my analog + digital Frankenstein experiments but now I’m beginning to think that this particular monster is perfectly happy being a strictly digital creation. I have to listen to my lizard brain and follow his guidance. I’m not against abandoning an idea if something interesting reveals itself. I’m happy with where this crazy floating skull is going.

So… I’m abandoning the idea of mixing analog and digital for the moment but I will revisit the idea with gusto when I begin working on the “TWO-HEADED BEAST” exhibit.

At the moment this new digital illustration is called “All our ghosts weigh the same” but that is subject to change.


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