My creativity pulls me in different directions and I often struggle with the logic of painting / drawing this way or that way. But instead of standing in the way of my lizard brain I think it is probably more beneficial to my sanity if I just let the lizard brain run amok and let my creativity flow in whichever direction it chooses. The lizard will change colors and grow a new tail and possibly evolve into a completely different creature but the basic DNA of whatever I do is still “Dustin Parker.” I need to allow myself that creative freedom even if that freedom makes me less marketable or unpredictable or less attractive to my audience.

That being said…

I am currently working on a fresh batch of paintings for the “12 FINGERED HAND” exhibition at Diver Studio. My mind has been bouncing back and forth trying to find the right path to follow. Painting always comes with a cloud of negative thoughts that showers me with cold droplets of doubt. The act of painting is always an existential crisis. But the storm inside my head is a little less thunderous and a little less foggy. I’m exploring the abstract again and all of my work in the “12 FINGERED HAND” exhibition will be abstract. My lizard brain has spoken and I have listened.

I am digging up pictures of my old abstract paintings and examining what I did right and what I did wrong and what I might do differently this go around. Here are a few abstract paintings from the past that have returned to haunt my brain tissue.

I look forward to showing you some new paintings on October 31st. Until then…

abstract002 abstract004 lives_intersect red-rabbit scrap-heap


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