The Diver Studio exhibition finally has a name and a poster. The exhibition will be called “12 FINGERED HAND” and feature new work from Charles Baughman, Marc Bosworth, Chris Frank, Lauren Fitzgerald Miller, John Pirtle, Brad Ruder, Hannah Scott, Lee Shiney, Ian Stewart, Sarah Stewart, Kevin Wildt and myself.

All 12 artists featured in “12 FINGERED HAND” are creating poster designs to promote the exhibition.


My original idea for the poster was a deformed frankenstein / zombie / monster hand reaching into the composition. I wanted the poster to have a vintage horror film / grindhouse poster vibe. I quickly discovered that drawing a 12 fingered hand is more difficult than it sounds. I wanted the anatomy of the hand to convey functionality and appear somewhat plausible. I didn’t want a ball of meat with 12 fingers protruding from it. I wanted a terrifying monster hand that looked like a fully functional hand. You have to believe that this bizarre hand could actually grab you and cause some damage. I wasn’t super happy with my initial drawings and I decided to go in a different direction.

After seeing a really awesome gigposter for Tobacco designed by Delicious Design League, I decided I wanted the poster design / illustration to be symmetrical like a Rorschach test. I proceeded to dissect my original drawing to create a 6 fingered hand illustration that could then be mirrored to create a 12 fingered hand image. Then I hit another wall. The hand alone wasn’t a very powerful image.

Time to shift gears again…

I thought it might be interesting to make my “12 FINGERED HAND” poster a companion piece to the poster I designed for my upcoming “TWO-HEADED BEAST” exhibit at Newman University. I dug into my reject pile and unearthed an unfinished drawing of a woman’s face that I had originally created for a Sci-Fi inspired illustration I never finished. I cut and pasted the two drawings together to create a disturbing image of a woman with a giant hand growing out of her head. She looks like a Cenobite from the Hellraiser films. I liked that she was beautiful and grotesque at the same time. The illustration quickly traveled deeper and deeper into a psychedelic / kaleidoscopic world and the colors become more and more vibrant. I never planned on having so much pink in the poster. I originally wanted a more muted and monochromatic color palette but the imagery pushed the colors into a different direction. This is a poster that designed itself. The poster is really strange.

I hope you all like my poster design.

I will post the other 11 posters in the very near future.





Original Drawing


Final Poster

Diver Studio, 424 Commerce, Wichita, KS
Exhibition: 12 FINGERED HAND
Exhibition Date: Final Friday, October 31st, 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Featured Artists: Charles Baughman, Marc Bosworth, Chris Frank, Lauren Fitzgerald Miller, Dustin Parker, John Pirtle, Brad Ruder, Hannah Scott, Lee Shiney, Ian Stewart, Sarah Stewart and Kevin Wildt.


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