In 2008 Tangent Lab hosted an art exhibition on Halloween night called “Nightmare Lab,” and the theme of the exhibition was reoccurring nightmares.

The “Nightmare Lab” exhibition presented an opportunity for myself and Brad Ruder to collaborate on a screen-printed poster design for the exhibition.

I wanted to design multiple poster designs and then randomly overprint those designs in various combinations to create a series of posters that looked like test prints or rejected prints. I wanted each poster to be a unique one of a kind product. I probably got the idea from Aesthetic Apparatus.

My first poster design was inspired by the vintage rubber monster mask advertisements that you would often find in comic books and magazines. I tried my best to capture the design aesthetic and illustration style of those old advertisements.


My second poster design features a crude illustration of some zombies and some hand drawn type. The illustration is a little goofy and I wish I would have pushed the goofiness a little further and exaggerated the cartoony quality of the illustration more. But I still love the Abe Lincoln Zombie. The rest of the illustration is hit and miss. In retrospect, I really wish I took the extra time to hand draw all of the type. I got lazy and used a dumb font for the address and url at the bottom of the poster. Another 1 or 2 hours of work would have made the poster 100 times better.


My third poster features a pair of skeletons and some sort of electrical diagram I found on Google. The poster is really really terrible. Laziness strikes again!


Here is a composite image I created in Adobe Photoshop to see what the final poster designs might look like. These composites feature some of Brad’s artwork in the background. I probably created this composite to sell Brad on the idea of overprinting the poster designs.

BRADDUSTMOCKLong story short…

We ran out of time and ended up NOT screen-printing the posters. We ended up printing a bunch of posters at Kinkos.

This is what the final posters looked like.





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  1. Beautiful artwork! It’s a shame that you couldn’t screenprint them, but they still look amazing

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