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Speaking of Manga Studio 5…

The insanely talented illustrator Ray Frenden has created an amazing set of brushes for Manga Studio 5. The set has 75 brushes divided into three categories (inkers, painters and pencils). The brushes are amazing and they only cost $6.99. It is the best $6.99 you will ever spend.

Buy the brushes now at

Buy Manga Studio 5 at


I’m 98% certain that this portrait of Thom Yorke is finished. The illustration was created using a combination of Manga Studio 5 (inks) and Adobe Photoshop CC (colors). This is also the FIRST illustration I have EVER created using Manga Studio 5. Sadly, it is also the ONLY illustration I’ve done using Manga Studio 5. I’ve been distracted with other creative projects and I haven’t had time to experiment much with Manga Studio 5. However, I can now say with 100% certainty that Manga Studio 5 will be my primary drawing tool and Adobe Photoshop CC will be my primary tool for coloring / painting the illustrations. I just need to spend some quality time with my new best friend Manga Studio 5 and a little less time with Mr. Deadlines.