I just put my entry fee for Gallery XII’s Crazy 8’s exhibit in the magic mail transportation box. I need deadlines to motivate me to create new things and the Crazy 8’s exhibit seemed like a great catalyst to jumpstart the creative engine again. I’m also using the Crazy 8’s exhibit as an excuse to FINALLY order a print from Below is a quick doodle I created last night to document my ideas for my new illustration. The seed has already grown into something more wild and adventurous. I think the final illustration will also include a giant praying mantis, some flying robots and some ray gun action. I’m going to jam a ton of awesome in that 8″ x 8″ square. The illustration will be called  “Paula Pluto.” Paula Pluto is Sue Storm meets Flash Gordon meets Emma Stone meets a bucket of retro sci-fi awesomeness. I’m going for a Jack Kirby meets David Cronenberg vibe but the illustration style will still fit firmly inside the Dustin Parker box. I really want this illustration to be about “Girl Power.” Stay tuned for further developments.

Paula Pluto

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