You have been warned! The Two-Headed Beast will rise in 2015!

Here is the FIRST of many posters for my two-man art exhibition with Greg Turner at Newman University’s Steckline Gallery. The exhibition will be called “TWO-HEADED BEAST,” and will open on Final Friday, April 24th, 2015. There might even be a table covered with a variety of cheeses and crackers but I’m not promising anything.

At this point, The Two-Headed Beast is just a murky puddle of primordial ooze waiting for a flash of radiation to ignite its evolution into a fully realized creature. Greg and I must build our monsters and prepare to conquer Wichita. It will take a full year to create a beast worthy of your eyeballs.

The poster illustration originated from a fossilized doodle of a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was buried in the discard pile. It didn’t take long for the drawing to mutate into this bizarre amalgamation of randomness. The illustration reminds me of John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” I just let the beast run wild.

I hope you enjoy it. There is plenty more coming.



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