My podcast addiction began with Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast which lead me to other great podcasts like The Nerdist, Fat Man On Batman, How Did This Get Made?, Sidebar Nation and many others. I am also a huge fan of stand-up comedy and Marc Maron has always been one of my favorite comedians.

A couple months ago I was binge watching Marc Maron’s IFC series “Maron” on Netflix, and I decided I would draw a portrait of Marc Maron while I watched the show. The show is about a fictionalized version of Marc Maron much like “Louie” is about a fictionalized version of Louis C.K. I think the show is amazing. You can watch the entire first season on Netflix. 

I didn’t finish the portrait and like many of my personal illustrations it collected pixel dust for a few weeks while I worked on projects for clients. I decided I would blow off my work this evening and fuck around with this Marc Maron portrait. I think it turned out ok. I never really know when to stop. I think it is “good enough.” I’ll probably hate it tomorrow. But right now I think it is worthy of posting on my blog for my 12 followers to see.

I also have an unfinished Kevin Spacey portrait that I need to finish. His eyes are too creepy and no matter how many times I redraw them they still look sinister. Maybe I’ve watched Se7en too many times. Maybe I should embrace the creepy.

If you are not familiar with Marc Maron I would highly recommend you watch Maron’s latest stand-up special “Thinky Pain” and the first season of “Maron” on Netflix. I also highly recommend you listen to the WTF podcast at

The WTF podcast has great guests like Lena Dunham, Artie Lange, Johnny Knoxville, Larry King, Will Ferrell, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Iggy Pop, Judd Apatow, Thom Yorke, Jon Hamm, Louis C.K., Bill Hader and many many others that you know are going to be great interview subjects but I’ve discovered that the people I’ve never heard of are often the most compelling interviews. People like Jon Ronson, David Bronner, Simon Amstell, CM Punk and Alex Guarnaschelli come to mind.

marc maron web


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