I recently had the honor of illustrating and designing the album artwork for the Spirit of the Stairs new album Tronan Vs The Spidernauts.

I have been a huge fan of Spirit of the Stairs since the first time I watched them perform at the Shamrock Lounge with Solagget back in 2003.

When I heard that the band was in the studio recording a new album I contacted Torin Andersen and begged him to let me design the album cover.

I quickly learned that the album would be a 4 song concept album called Tronan Vs The Spidernauts and that the Spaghetti Party (Ian and Seth Bloom) were already working on an epic long form music video. It was quickly decided that the album artwork would feature characters from the music video such as Tronan, Bro2-D2 and The Spidernauts.

I wanted the illustrations to have a retro Flash Gordon vibe and my illustration style was heavily influenced by Jack Kirby illustrations and vintage science fiction book covers and comic books. I wanted the colors to be really bright and vibrant like the album artwork for The Flaming Lips’ album Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. I think the end result looks like my illustration style with a “retro comic book” filter applied to it. I am super happy with the end product.

For more info about Spirit of the Stairs visit www.spiritofthestairs.com or www.facebook.com/spiritofthestairs.

IMG_2124 IMG_2141

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