I love watching films. I also love creating lists. Here is a list of my favorite films of 2012. I picked 25 films. I could have easily picked 30 or 40 or more. On a different day Prometheus, The Sessions, Flight, The Impossible, Magic Mike, Premium Rush, The Possession, Seven Psychopaths or 21 Jump Street could have made the list. I still haven’t seen The Raid: Redemption, Life of Pi, The Comedy, Promised Land, Amour, Holy Motors, The Bay and several other films from my “must see” bucket list. Tomorrow’s list might take a different shape.

Here are my favorite films of 2012…


01. Beasts of the Southern Wild

02. Moonrise Kingdom

03. SkyFall

04. Dredd

05. Silver Linings Playbook

06. Looper

07. Django Unchained

08. The Dark Knight Rises

09. Killing Them Softly

10. The Grey

11. The Avengers

12. Chronicle

13. Beauty is Embarrassing

14. The Cabin In The Woods

15. The Amazing Spider-man

16. End Of Watch

17. Argo

18. Killer Joe

19. The Master

20. Zero Dark Thirty

21. Safety Not Guaranteed

22. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

23. Robot & Frank

24. Ruby Sparks

25. The loved Ones

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