The Tangent Lab will return with a vengeance on Friday, October 26th with a comic book inspired art exhibition called SECRET IDENTITY hosted at a soon to be revealed location in downtown Wichita. KS. Tangent Lab is assembling a team of super artists to create comic book inspired artwork for the exhibition.

Tangent Lab, founded in 2005, has spent the last six years in residence on the 3rd floor of the Rock Island Market Building in the heart of downtown Wichita, KS. During that time, Tangent Lab has hosted over 50 art exhibitions, including 2 stops on the Scion Installation series tour. Tangent Lab has also hosted numerous film screenings, live music events, and artist lectures. Tangent Lab owner, Brad Ruder, recently announced that Tangent Lab will no longer host events at the Rock Island Market Building but will continue to produce art exhibitions and events at various makeshift venues throughout Wichita, KS.

The First of such events will be  SECRET IDENTITY.

More details coming soon…

Poster Design by Dustin Parker


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