Monthly Archives: August 2012

If your automobile is a magnet for stray rocks, suicidal birds, hailstones, bewildered wildlife, overly medicated soccer moms, zombies or other road obstacles that like to dent, scratch and smash your automobile you should have Greg Johnson of Auto Body Complex on your speed dial. I’ve been a loyal (and frequent) customer of Auto Body Complex for over a decade. Greg performs miracles with metal, paint and rubber. Greg is also a good friend and an incredible artist, his shop is full of sculptures created from the remains of dead automobiles. You can view his art at

I recently performed some body modifications to the Auto Body Complex logo and designed a new business card.


I recently designed the logo for Kidzcope’s Good Grief 5k event. Kidzcope  (formerly Three Trees, Inc.) offers a variety of support groups, programs and workshops to help children and families struggling with the death of a loved one. Kidzcope is a wonderful organization and I had a blast designing the logo and all of the collateral materials for the event.

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