I am working on a new series of digital painting that will be collected into a self-published art book. After exploring the digital archive I have decided to revisit old territory and remix some of my old work. 90% of the work isn’t going to make the cut. The quality isn’t there. So I’m going to revisit some of those failures and see if I can turn them into successful pieces, or incorporate those images and ideas into new work. I’m also dusting off my old sketchbooks, including my Ockham’s Razor sketchbook, and pulling ideas from that material. I hope to create between 25-30 new digital paintings and pull the best 20 pieces from the archive for the book. I think the book should have at least 50 digital paintings. This is a project I’ve been wanting to do and I’ve allowed other projects and circumstances to get in the way. This book will be my creative focus for the immediate future. When I’m not working on graphic design or illustration projects for my clients I will be working on this book.

Tonight I started working on a new digital painting based on a painting I did for the Ockham’s Razor exhibit in 2003 titled “YOUR VOTE COUNTS.” Below is a sketch with my ideas for the new digital painting and the beginnings of the new and improved “YOUR VOTE COUNTS.”


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