Monthly Archives: May 2011

My new painting “Scribble Mouth” will be on exhibit this Friday at the Tangent Lab. Be sure to check out the show. Details below.

Tangent Lab, 143 N. Rock island, Farm and Art Market Square, Rock Island Market Building, 3rd Floor
Exhibition: Single Serving
Reception Date: Final Friday, May 27, 2011, 7:00 pm – Midnight.
For more info visit:

One piece of artwork from some awesome artists

The group show Single Serving is on tap at Tangent Lab this month, serving up a single piece of artwork from several prominent local artists, all of whom have shown at the gallery before. The festivities kick off at 7pm during the Final Friday gallery crawl for May. Make sure to be here at 10 p.m. to hear the artists talk about their work during our 10@10 gallery talk series.

List of participating artists:

Travis Hinnen
Ted Krone
Charolotte Martin
Jaki McElroy
Marita Meyer
Dustin Parker
Michael Pointer
Hannah Scott
Karen Scroggins
Lee Shiney
Melissa Slates
Ian Stewart
Katie Sykes
Christopher Trenary
Mark Walker
Jonathan Wood
Sandra Zackula
Collin Allen
Stephen Atwood
Rich Bachman
Charles Baughman
Phillip Baumer
Marc Bosworth
Nicholas Carvalho
Lauren Clay
Dustin Commer
Chad Drogemeier
Marc Durfee
Lauren Fitzgerald
Chris Frank
Amy Frazee
Shawn Freeman
Chris Gulick
Stacey Groner

My fingers are covered with black and yellow paint. This is War. A war against paint. A war against myself. I fight the urge to surrender. I’m doubtful I will survive. I’ve been in battle for hours. I’m tired. Exhausted. Victory is nowhere in sight. This painting is defeating me. My confidence is lost. I’m dazed and confused. Lost in the gunsmoke. Wandering through the fog. Destination still unknown. I stare at the painting. I peer into it’s soul. Nothing. No direction. No inspiration. The same old same. The same tired tricks. No divine inspiration. No creative enlightenment. Just a lonesome stare. I hate every brushstroke. I loathe every line. Yet I protect them. I make them sacred. I should sacrifice them for something better. Erase the page. Start over. Be bold and different and fearless…