Monthly Archives: December 2010

I had the crazy idea to create a letterpress print to give away to friends and clients for Christmas. Below are a few pictures of the print and the original vector drawing.

“Happy Holidays” letterpress print. Limited edition of 100 2 color letterpress prints. Printed by Jonathan Wood of Running Doves Press. Illustration by Dustin Parker.


Today I finished a new illustration that will be printed as a limited edition letterpress print by Jonathan Wood at Running Doves Press. I’ve been itching to do a letterpress print for a very long time and I’m really excited to see how the finished product turns out. I will post photos + video of the finished print in the very near future.

Sometimes you have to abandon a piece so you can return with a fresh perspective and fix all the problems. I’ve been struggling with this particular digital painting for a long time. I think I finally found a solution that I am happy with.