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This digital painting is DONE!


Lee Shiney has kicked off his “50 Altered States Tour,” a Twitter-only project to place 50 pieces of my Shiney’s artwork in all 50 U.S. states.


I am offering one of my shredded paper pieces, free (*rules below), to the first taker from each state. Twitter, as a vehicle for this project, appealed to me because the artwork itself is small, unobtrusive, simple, and not intended to get in your face, sort of like Twitter. As such, my only self-imposed rule will be for my outgoing promotion to only go through Twitter until it is completed, at which point I will link to it through my website so that everyone can “take the tour.” Even if you don’t get selected for the art itself, everyone wins anyway because eventually the whole tour will take place here online. So feel free to tweet and RT the following text:

50 Altered States Art Tour could be coming to your home. @leeshiney

This project was inspired by the Gooding 50 State Tour. Gooding has boatloads of street-cred in his home city of Wichita, but I had little exposure to his music myself, knowing only of it through social networking and the internet. The first time I heard his music, it was actually streaming on KCRW/Santa Monica. Finally I had the opportunity to hear Gooding recently on his 50 State Tour, and I was blown away not just with the quality of music but with his determination to share it at an intimate Borders venue. Free. There was plenty of energy flowing at that gig, and I’d like to pass on that energy. Thanks, Gooding.

*The following rules apply (read them please):

1. On Twitter (following me there would be good) tweet the following:
50 Altered States Art Tour could be coming to your home. @leeshiney

2. You must email me to confirm your participation, and to send me your snail mail mailing address. All correspondence between us will be via email (I will keep your email and other contact information private). One per per state. First come, first served. If someone beats you to the representation for your state, I’ll keep your info on hand just in case the first person is a no-show deadbeat.

3. After I respond, send me 3 or more sheets of a local newspaper including the masthead. They can be folded. These will become the background of the artwork. You pay the postage, which technically makes this “not free” but, hey, it is just newspaper. Sorry. Any paper left over will get incorporated into some of my other artwork.

4. I’ll make something from what you send me. I’m the artist; I get to decide. However, it will be something like the photos above, small in size, paper held together with acrylic medium and with some kind of machine-assisted painting on top.

5. I’ll mail your finished art to you. It will be small, easy to manage, and easy to hang. You probably will like it.

6. Take a photo of the artwork hanging in your home or wherever you like and send it to me. This is part of the project and must be completed. I will document on the website all 50 finished pieces in their home surroundings; it’s not an Art Tour unless everyone gets to see the tour. I’ll keep your name and location private if you like. If you don’t follow through on this, I’ll hound you to death until you send me the photo.

7. Other contractural fine print nonsense: You don’t owe me any more than to send me your contact info and some newspaper and a photo of the finished art after you receive it. I don’t owe you any more than a piece of art on paper. That is all.

For more info about the “50 Altered States Tour” visit –

You can see Lee Shiney’s work at –