Monthly Archives: March 2010

I’ve been working on a new digital painting titled “CREATE YOUR OWN HELL.”

I wanted to explore the idea that hell can be created or destroyed with the power of a thought. You can choose to exist in hell and you can imagine yourself as the victim of a terrible existence, or you can choose to focus on the beauty and wonder of life. Many of my recent works are about choosing life over death. Not a literal death. But the tiny deaths we die everyday. The insignificant decisions we make that end up costing us our happiness.

I had this image of an artist painting hell all around him. Surrounding himself with pain and fear and death and sorrow. Surrounding himself with all of the dark and terrible thoughts that haunt him. He could paint puppies and rainbows, but he chooses to paint demons and skeletons and fire and sadness. He has brought hell upon himself. Why?


Here is a quick sketch I created using the very cool drawing tool. The drawing tool is very similar to the scribbler tool found on Both drawings tools are really fun to play with.

I really love the unpredictable quality of the brushes, and I love that you cannot edit or erase as you go. Every mark is permanent and the brushes often create unexpected marks which makes using the tool more challenging. I think it forces you to be more creative and adventurous with your mark making. Sometimes having too much control or too many options can kill creativity.

Users can save a web quality png of their doodles but I really wish mrdoob gave users the option to save a print quality jpg or png file. If they added a “save print quality” feature I would probably use this drawing tool all the time.

When designing a logo, I create 10 or more logo concepts and then present the best 3 or 4 concepts to the client. In some cases I end up creating several more concepts or make several revisions to existing concepts before I find a solution that the client is happy with.

I thought it would be fun to show everyone some of the rejected logo concepts that I created along with the final logo concept that the client approved.

Welcome Real Estate

Axon Brands