I created two new paintings and gave them to my Mother and Grandmother for Christmas.

I created a simple drawing of a bird on the computer and printed it out on plain white paper. Then I pasted the printed drawing onto the panel using acrylic matte medium gel and painted on top of it. I usually draw directly on the panel using a paint pen or china marker but I wanted to experiment with an alternative method for creating the underdrawing on the panel. One panel that I used was originally used as a palette for mixing paints and the other panel was an abstract painting from the SUICIDE PIE series that didn’t make the final cut.

My painting style is usually very painterly but I wanted to experiment with a painting style that is a mixture of drawing and impasto painting. I wanted an unfinished look. I wanted to keep the energy and expressiveness of the original drawing. I would like to continue to experiment more with combining drawing and painting together and create a more stylized version of my my current painting style. These particular paintings failed to hit the mark. I don’t think the experiment was 100% successful but the end result gave me a better understanding of what ideas should be explored in more depth.

Overall all, I’m happy with these paintings because they gave me a blueprint for future paintings.

Expect more little experiments in the near future…


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