Monthly Archives: August 2009

In the studio throwing some paint…


Saturday afternoon, I found a stray 2-4 month old kitten. She was severely anemic and emaciated. She was covered with fleas and was soaking wet and covered with dirt. She had trouble walking and seemed very weak and disorientated. She wouldn’t eat or drink anything. I took her to the emergency vet and they said she was covered with flea shampoo/medicine and it was poisoning her. They also said that the fleas had made her anemic. She required a blood transfusion and IV therapy. They said it would cost between $550 – $850 to treat her. There is a chance she might have feline leukemia and we need to keep her quarantined from our other cats. We won’t know for 2 – 3 months. There is a chance that her mother was infected and that she just has antibodies, or she might be in the early stages of the disease. I felt that this little kitten needed a chance to live a normal and happy life. I agreed to be responsible for the payment and adopted her. We should be able to pick her up tomorrow.

Tonight we discovered a second stray cat eating a cupcake at the Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe parking lot. He seemed to really enjoy it. He had a hurt leg but seemed to be an otherwise healthy cat. We fed him some turkey and brought him home. We already found a good home for him. He is a really sweet cat and he will make a great pet.

Here is a pic of stray #2.