Monthly Archives: January 2009

My Obama portrait is currently featured on the Hedge Society Blog.

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Dustin Parker is featured in The House of Tate #10, a creative digest featuring the work of established and burgeoning artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, and sculptors . Issue #10 features some really amazing work by Bruce New, Dustin Parker, Joe Kowalczyk (aka Joko), Moni Eckey, Jon Beinart, Michael Hsiung, Molly Crabapple, Sofia Barao and Nicholas Genova.

Please visit or to view The House of Tate #10

House Of Tate is currently accepting submissions for HOT #11. You can e-mail your submissions to

When I’m not feeding the cats, playing my nintendo wii, working 10 – 14 hour days, kissing my girlfriend, feasting on Thai food, sleeping, watching copious amounts of television and movies, cleaning up cat feces and urine, grocery shopping, responding to e-mails, writing to do lists, listening to Smashing Pumpkins, hitting up my clients for money, surfing the net, maintaining the Proteus Mag blog, Hitting up hot new artists for the next amazing issue of Proteus Mag, reading Wade Hampton’s latest movie script, shooting reference photographs for my new digital paintings, cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry at my parents house, playing Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe with my little brother, drawing propaganda on windows, trying to finish Chuck Palahniuk’s new novel, submitting my work to various online magazines and blogs, and playing board games with my family……

I work on abstract paintings for my upcoming solo exhibition at Watermark Books and Cafe. Below is a quick snapshot of some of the paintings.

Check back soon for more updates.