I FINALLY finished my Frankenstein Monster piece last night. I started working on this digital painting in March and I was really excited about the direction it was going. I wanted to do an updated version of the CLASSIC Frankenstein Monster and I thought I had nailed that early into the process. I’m a big fan of that classic look and I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and end up with something that wasn’t the Frankenstein Monster. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the piece to work on other projects and the Frankenstein Monster waited in the darkness for several months. In August I discovered that the file I was working on had become corrupted and I couldn’t open it. I checked my backup copies and they were also corrupted. I was forced to start over. Luckily, I had posted the initial sketch on my blog and I was able to work off of that. 2 months later and I’m finally finished.


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