In Support of Barack Obama’s presidential bid, Sticker Robot has teamed with Obey Giant (Shepard Fairey), Upper Playground, various other artists to release a series of exclusive silkscreen stickers. Featured artists include Dustin Parker, David Choe, Ron English, Mac, Morning Breath, Felix Jackson, JR., Sam Flores, Zoltron, and Munk One.

Stickers may be purchased at http://www.stickerrobot.com/obama/

Dustin Parker’s stickers are 4″ X 6″ and are available in quantities of 10 for $10.00 and quantities of 20 for $17.50. For every eight Obama “HOPE” stickers you will also get 2 Mccain “Despair” stickers. The stickers are limited to 5000.

Any proceeds from the sales of the Obama “Hope” stickers will go towards creating more campaign stickers by other artists in support of Barack Obama’s bid for President. (Please note we are not affiliated with Obama for America.)

Our vinyl stickers are printed with a UV-coated silkscreen process, which means they are a super high quality outdoor caliber and as durable as they get. We are offering them cheap, because the more that get out there the better. It is the best proactive way that we know to make sure that these historic images, produced by the volunteer efforts of a few, will end up in the hands of the many.


I created a double portrait of presidential candidates Barack Obama and John Mccain. The composition was divided in half, the left side depicts Obama in a predominantly blue palette, and the right side depicts Mccain in a predominantly red palette. Above Obama is the word HOPE and above MCCAIN is the word Despair. I really wanted to capture how I felt about the presidential election with just one word. A simple and direct image. I could have painted a halo over Obama’s head and devil horns on McCain, but I felt that those two words said everything I needed to say. I tried to treat both subjects with equal respect. I didn’t want to exaggerate or embellish or characterize these men. Yet, I view Obama and Mccain as opposite forces. I feel that Obama is our best hope for a better future, and Mccain is just a continuation of the same failed policies, ideologies, and agendas of the Bush Administration. This is not an election where we can apathetically choose “the lesser evil.” This is an election that brings the possibility of a real change in America. We are voting for Hope or Despair.

Shortly after I finished the portrait I posted the image on my myspace profile and my blog I also sent the image to The Obama Art Report ( http://www.obamaartreport.com ). The Obama Art Report is a really awesome blog that collects all sorts of Obama related artwork, including poster and t-shirt designs, murals, paintings and photographs. It is really amazing to see all of the talented people that are showing their support for Obama.

Shortly after I posted the image online I was contacted by Sticker Robot about participating in the Obama “Hope” sticker project. I was really honored to be asked to participate in this project, and I feel very fortunate to be included with incredible artists like David Choe, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Munk One, and Zoltron. These are artists that I’ve admired for many years. I ended up splitting the double portrait into two 4″ X 6″ sticker images, and made a few other slight modifications to fit the slightly different aspect ratio.

Visit http://www.stickerrobot.com/obama/ to purchase stickers


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