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The Multnomah County Library’s November 08 e-newsletter features my portrait of author Chuck Palahniuk for an article titled “If You Like Chuck Palahniuk, You Might Also Enjoy….”. The list of 23 books only proves that I don’t read enough. I honestly have never heard of any of them. I’m lucky to squeeze in one or two novels a year and those novels are usually by Chuck.

You can check out the list here


Gallery: Tangent Lab :: 143 N. Rock Island, 3rd Floor :: Wichita, KS 67202
(located in the Old Town Farm And Art Market Square / Rock Island Market Building
Exhibition: Nightmare Lab: A Group exhibition featuring Nightmare Inspired works by over 20 artists. Curated by Brad Ruder and Dustin Parker
Reception Date: Final Friday / Halloween, October, 31, 7:00 – 11:00 p.m.
Contact: or

My beautiful and incredibly talented girlfriend, Katie Sykes, is also having a solo exhibition at Lotus Beauty Bar. Be sure to stop by and check out her amazing work.

Gallery: Lotus Beauty Bar :: 575 W. Douglas Ave. :: Wichita, KS 67213
(located in the Delano District)
Exhibition: PRETTY: An Exhibition Of Photographs By Katie Sykes
Reception Date: Final Friday / Halloween, October, 31, 6:30 – 10:00 p.m.
Web: and

Proteus Mag issue #6 is available for download. Issue #6 is our special political art issue and features 38 artists and over 90 pages of content.
You can download issue 6 at

Also be sure to check our brand new PROTEUS BLOG at

I hope you enjoy Issue #6


COVER ART BY Adam S. Doyle –

roberlan borges paresqui –
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aaron nagel –
rafael lopez –
rick sealock –
tommy kane –
hawk krall –
shannon brady –
thomas brodahl –
ag ford –
bask –
billi kid –
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zoltron –
derek hess –
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craig stephens –
flavorinnovator –
gary stearly –
guy denning –
jonathan haggard –
lee shiney –
johnny sampson –
rebellion customs, llc
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patrick haemmerlein –
wade hampton –
zara gonzalez – zara
nix toxic –
ths –
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dustin parker –
bruce new –
ray tattooedboy –


Dustin Parker
Editor, Proteus Mag


The Nightmare Lab exhibition is right around the corner and we are under the gun to produce some kick ass propaganda to promote the show. Brad and I were originally going to collaborate on some screen-printed posters but due to time constraints we decided to throw that idea out the window. Brad gave me full creative freedom to go crazy and run with it, and I decided to do several variations of the poster using the same imagery and visual language that I originally planned on implementing with the screen-printed posters. These poster designs are true to my original vision and they should give you a pretty good idea of the haphazard look that I wanted to achieve. I wanted each poster to be unique and different. I wanted some of the posters to be complete chaos. Totally unreadable. I just wanted them to be individual works of art. But these posters will still look really cool.

More info on the show in the very very near future.

My Obama Hope Stickers are SOLD OUT. I wanted to thank everyone who supported the Artist Series Sticker Campaign and helped spread the word about Barack Obama.

The remainder of the Artist Series Stickers are pretty much sold out. Ron English’s Abraham Obama and Morning Breath’s stickers are still in stock, and Felix Jackson Jr.’s have recieved a quick but small restock. All of the other Artist Series are SOLD OUT! There are also a limited supply of Shepard Fairey’s Obama Stickers availablle.

Go here to Purchase Shepard’s Obama Progress Stickers –
Go here to Purchase some of the Remaining Artist Series Stickers –

I FINALLY finished my Frankenstein Monster piece last night. I started working on this digital painting in March and I was really excited about the direction it was going. I wanted to do an updated version of the CLASSIC Frankenstein Monster and I thought I had nailed that early into the process. I’m a big fan of that classic look and I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and end up with something that wasn’t the Frankenstein Monster. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the piece to work on other projects and the Frankenstein Monster waited in the darkness for several months. In August I discovered that the file I was working on had become corrupted and I couldn’t open it. I checked my backup copies and they were also corrupted. I was forced to start over. Luckily, I had posted the initial sketch on my blog and I was able to work off of that. 2 months later and I’m finally finished.