The Frankenstein Monster was abandoned by his creator. He was left frightened and alone. He was an outcast. He was completely unaware of who or what he was. He had no name. No home. No identity. He sought affection and understanding but his disfigured appearance inspired revulsion and fear from everyone he encountered. Despite all of his attempts to find his place in society he found that he would never be accepted by his fellow man. He sought to discover his humanity, but his fellow man rejected him and labeled him a monster and a demon. At the end the monster reverted back to his savage roots and sought to destroy his creator and everything he held dear.

In many ways the Frankenstein Monster represents all of us. We are all seeking to discover our humanity. Discover love. Discover understanding. Discover inner peace. But we fear each other. We fear ourselves. We fear life and death and the unknown. We fear change. We fear fire. We fear art.

So the Frankenstein Monster represents the best and worst of us.

And while we are on the subject of Frankenstein, Here is an update on the new digital painting I’m working on. I hope to have it finished this weekend.


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