Monthly Archives: November 2007


Below is a new digital painting titled “She Saved My Heart.” which will be featured in Electrographis at Tangent Lab. The piece is a collaboration with my beautiful girlfriend and photographer Katie Sykes. Katie also happens to be the subject of the piece.

Below is the postcard design I created for the “Uncle Nasty And The Forgotten Children” exhibit at the Firehouse Gallery. The exhibit will showcase new works by Spike Hemans, Katie Sykes, Greg Turner and myself. Katie Hinsey took the photos, and captured the Nasty Family enjoying a typical afternoon on the couch. Stay tuned for further debauchery!

I made a few minor changes to “Streptococcus Pyogenes.” Most of you won’t notice the difference, but I had to retouch a few areas that were screaming at me. The painting is now offically finished and at the the gallery. Stay tuned for more details about the exhibition.