Statement About The Work

Carlos Gibbs asked me to create a series of digital paintings that incorporated photographs he took for the Red Box Project. All the works are collaborations between myself and Carlos.

The box is definitely at the center of the work. All of the themes and imagery are directly influenced by the “idea” of what a box represents. The box is not only a form but also a way of thinking or living. I believe we all live within the confines of a box. The box can be anything – our clothes, our jobs, our sexuality, our politics, our education, our freedom, our religion, our lifestyle, Our home, or our ethnicity. We all operate under imposed or self imposed restricitons. Some we embrace and some that we fight. So life is really about leaning how the box works and how to manipulate the box for our own benefit. People often say “think outside the box,” but that is not possible. Because you are always in a box. You can change the texture or color or size or shape of the box but you are always in a box. You may even be able to switch boxes or have multiple boxes, but you will always operate within some sort of box. So I say embrace the box and learn how to control it and be the master of your own environment and your own destiny. So the work is about our fear to embrace the box and take control of the box.

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