One of The Dark Scientists logos I designed is going to be featured in Logo Lounge 4.

Additional Info

We’re pleased to announce that the judging for LogoLounge Book 4 has been completed.

Once again, our judges_this year, Louis Lygo of Wolff Olins, Jerry Kuyper of Jerry Kuyper Partners, Jason Schulte of Office, Gaby de Abreu of Switch Branding & Design, Haley Johnson of Haley Johnson Design, Neville Brody of Research Studios, Janet Martin of Communication Arts, Inc., and Chris Campbell of Interbrand_were faced with an awesome task.

Each judge reviewed thousands of logos from around the world, each mark submitted by talented LogoLounge members. With a total of over 28,000 logos judged, the judges chose 2,000 and the final collection is not only an excellent point-in-time examination, it is full to the brim with inspiration, higher thinking, and craftsmanship.

The new book will be released by Rockport Publishers in February of 2008. Thank you to all LogoLounge members who participated in this project. We hope that the book, its predecessor, and the web site with over 65,000 logos, will continue to feed your mind, inspire your creativity, and further develop your sense of community amongst designers and peers around the globe.

Best Regards,

Bill Gardner
Founder, LogoLounge

Visit http://www.logolounge.com for more info.


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