Tangent Lab, 143 N. Rock island, Farm and Art Market Square, Rock Island Market Building, 3rd Floor
Exhibition: THE DARK SCIENTISTS: Music + Video + Paint, A collection of New works by Arran Lowe and Dustin Parker
Featured Artists: Arran Lowe + Dustin Parker
Reception Date: Final Friday, April 27, 2007 (ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!), 7:00 p.m. – Midnight
LIve Painting Giveaway @ Midnight – One lucky person will win the painting that Dustin Parker creates during the LIVE performance. Participants must fill out the Dark Scientists Art Exhibit Survey in order to receive a raffle ticket. Winner MUST be present at Midnight in order to receive the painting.

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The Dark Scientists is an exhibition of new works by Arran Lowe and Dustin Parker scheduled for the Final Friday of April at Tangent Lab. The exhibit explores science fiction themes such as human cloning, alien invasions, movie monsters, mythological creatures, political conspiracies, freaks of nature, and the bird flu. These subjects are represented in various forms including original music, video, paintings, ink drawings and computer generated digital prints. But more importantly, The Dark Scientists exhibition explores the science of creating art.


Artist Comments:
Arran Lowe –
“Dustin and I talked about the show being the science itself. We are the ones conducting experiments, testing hypotheses, and the results are being presented. This fits in perfectly with my approach to music. For the show, I am using custom-built software to improvise and manipulate electronic sounds. This is not music that has been composed, by design. Rather it is discovered, experimentally, based on my own knowledge and concepts. All music is recorded in real time, and since I have no idea or plan where it will end up, I am in the position of a aural scientist: constantly monitoring the sound, revising the patterns, and exploring new ways to hone the sound into a result which conveys the themes of the show.”

Dustin Parker –
“Arran did the soundtrack for my solo exhibition at the Tangent Lab last year, and during his visit we began discussing the possibility of doing an art exhibit together. We spent an entire evening painting like madmen and it reminded me of some of the collaborative artworks we did as teenagers. I found myself operating in a more primitive creative state, and I really enjoyed making art without consequences. I say consequences, because I think artists get trapped painting a particular way and feel that they can’t diverge from that signature style without facing a backlash from their audience. To make art without consequences simply means that you create freely without any self imposed restrictions or guidelines.

When I collaborate with Arran the work is done very quickly and without any set destination. We just make marks until the marks reveal an image that we both like. So the work becomes very primal and childlike. It becomes very reactionary. It isn’t burdened by over thinking. So it seemed natural to do a show with Arran. And it seemed natural to make the show about experimentation and the science of creating art. We’ve been close friends and collaborators for over a decade but this will be our first art exhibition together.

I really wanted this exhibition to test the limits of my creative muscles. I wanted to experiment with a wider range of mediums and explore some new approaches to creating images. I’m still working within the confines of my signature style, but I’m adding more elements into the equation. I wanted the work to be more experimental. I wanted to allow myself to break away from my creative comfort zones and try something a little different. Ultimately, this exhibit is about experimentation. It is about mixing different elements and waiting for an explosion. This is especially true with the collaborative works with Arran.

My work explores a diverse range of subjects from vampires to alien invasions to siamese twins. But there are also some new interpretations of familiar subjects such as Andy Warhol and Abraham Lincoln. I wanted to have some fun with some traditional science fiction themes and put my own spin on them.”

Arran and I decided that we wanted to do a LIVE performance during the exhibit to give people a better understanding of how we work. I will create a painting from start to finish in one hour. I have no clue what the end result will be. I might make a terrible painting. At the end of the night we are going to raffle off the LIVE painting. So You might get a Free painting if you stay out until Midnight and party with The Dark Scientists. We are going to require participants to fill out a brief survey about the show in order to receive a numbered raffle ticket. The winner has to be present at Midnight in order to receive the painting.


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