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My Said And Done submission is 100% complete and is currently in the possession of the United States Postal Service. Below is the finished product…

Here is an update on how my submission to SAID AND DONE is progressing…


I started working on the promotional materials for the “MEMORY STAIN” exhibition at the Firehouse Gallery. Below are a couple of the possible designs that might be used to promote the show.


Today I started working on my contribution to a collaborative art project called SAID AND DONE. I thought I would share a few photographs to show the progression of the painting. The painting is far from complete so be sure to check back in the very near future to see the finished piece.

-Dustin Parker


The project entitled “Saidanddone” was created as a means of uniting the artist community of A.C.A.D (Alberta College of Art and Design), with other artists in communities from around North America. The project consisted of 225 original serigraph prints (7”x11”). These prints were then distributed to students and faculty from A.C.A.D as well as other selected artists. We are now extending the project from being community based in Calgary Alberta, to artists from around the world. The project is open to any one, from any background of art. Once the person is selected, we mail out the print that is accompanied by instructions that are to be followed by each artist. The artist must sign and date the back, and the format must remain the same size. Each artist is encouraged to collaborate in any way that they choose. Upon completion of the print the artist are to return to sender, and then are considered finished. Thus far we have received over 150 artist submissions, and are in the process right of collecting and compiling these prints.

The goal of this project is to challenge and push the creative process of the individual, in addition to the collaboration process. We strive to promote each artist and their abilities through artist links on our website, as well as the union of artist’s communities at large through awareness. We are in the process of compiling / creating number of books to sell, this will help fund the Said and Done art show tour.

-Dustin Koop & John Antoski

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I am currently in the process of producing new work for “Memory Stain,” my upcoming show with photographer Katie Sykes at the Firehouse Gallery. This blog will showcase the process of creating new works for the show.

Be sure to check out to see some amazing photography.