I haven’t drawn any new digital illustrations for several weeks and I decided that I needed to amp up my creative output and start drawing again. My first new digital illustration is a head study of Imperator Furiosa from “Mad Max: Fury Road.” I thought drawing Imperator Furiosa would be a fun way to knock off the cobwebs.


I just finished a new painting for the 56th Annual Friends Of The Wichita Art Museum Art & Book Fair’s “Small Works Market” exhibit. The painting is titled”Seuss #2″ and is loosely inspired by “The Cat In The Hat” by Dr. Seuss. My original plan was to create two paintings for the exhibit and both paintings would be abstract interpretations of Dr. Seuss books. My intention wasn’t to paint an “illustration” but paint an “impression.” I’m not sure if the painting is successful but it was a fun experiment. Unfortunately, I only finished one painting for the exhibit. The second painting was based on “Green Eggs And Ham” but the painting failed to reach a satisfactory conclusion. The painting really really sucks. I hope to find some time to finish the “Green Eggs And Ham” painting but I will most likely abandon the Dr. Seuss theme and take the painting in a completely different direction. I’ll post some work in progress photos to show all of you the evolution of the piece. Below you will find all of the details about the “Art Of The Book” exhibit at the Wichita Art Museum.

Seuss-#2 WIP ArtoftheBook When: 10 am to 5 pm Saturday, May 9, and 11 am to 5 pm Sunday, May 10 [Note: No Early-Bird Book Sale on Saturday.] Where: Wichita Art Museum, 1400 West Museum Boulevard Cost: Admission is free both days Every Mother’s  Day weekend for the past 55 years, the Friends of the Wichita Art Museum have held the Art and Book Fair as a fundraiser for the Wichita Art Museum. A bold new take on the event brings the Fair home to the Wichita Art Museum. In future years the Fair will be able to take advantage of the Museum’s newly renovated grounds, but until that transformation takes place, the event will be held inside the Museum itself. The 2015 theme, “Art of the Book,” will focus on authors, illustrators, and book sales. Hundreds of books in every conceivable genre will be available in the S. Jim and Darla Farha Great Hall. And in the Living Room section of the museum some of the region’s best artists will offer their creations for sale in the “Small Works Market.” In keeping with tradition, “Art of the Book” will remain on Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 9-10, 2015. “We’re excited to bring the Fair back home to the Wichita Art Museum,” says Jill D. Miller, 2015 Art and Book Fair chair and Friends of the Wichita Art Museum Board member. “This year’s event will be much different with lots of fun surprises to celebrate the art of the book.” For area patrons and longtime Fairgoers, the Friends of the Wichita Art Museum expect “Art of the Book” to bring new growth to this annual fundraiser as the organization evolves and continues serving the mission of the Wichita Art Museum and Wichita’s creative community. In May 2016, the Friends intend to connect “Art of the Book” back to the traditional Art and Book Fair by remaining at the Wichita Art Museum and issuing a call for entries to regional and national artists to exhibit on the newly landscaped grounds of the Museum. Book Sale — Every year area bibliophiles look forward to this opportunity to purchase books of every sort that have been donated to the museum for the Art and Book Fair and this year is no exception. Small Works Market — An opportunity to purchase smaller works from amazing regional artists: Cort Anderson Kathy Besthorn Marc Bosworth Richard Davies Constance Ernatt John Ernatt Lindsey Ernst Steve Fairchild Elly Fitzig Bill Goffrier Hugh Greer Charles Lavacek Robin Lies Charlotte Martin John Morrison Dustin Parker Stephen Perry John Pirtle Michele Pugh Rachelle Pulkkila Lisa Rundstrom Bob Schwan Hannah Scott Karen Scroggins Randal Spangler Dale Strattman Eugene Stucky Ruby Tobey Greg Turner Bruce VanOsdel Trish VanOsdel Martha Wherry Kent Williams Ernest Wood III Rita Zaudke Art and Photography Booth — Artists Linnebur and Miller will create a one-of-a-kind image of you as a work of art. $20 Saturday, May 10:

  • 10:30 to 11:10 am – The Griots: Keepers of Stories, in partnership with Arts Partners
  • 11:20 to noon – Amy Woolf, storyteller, in partnership with Arts Partners
  • 12:10 to 1 pm – Illustrator John Pirtle, drawing demonstration
  • 1 to 1:45 pm – Musical performance/reading of Dr. Seuss stories by Christopher Gulick and Mark S. Walker
  • 2 pm – Screening of the film Big Fish, in partnership with Tallgrass Film Festival

Sunday, May 11:

  • 11 am Screening of the film Big Fish, in partnership with Tallgrass Film Festival
  • 2:30 to 4 pm – Creative Rush Panel featuring H. B. Berlow, Watermark Books owner Sarah Bagby, and Shannon Littlejohn

The ArtAID live art auction and cocktail party is Wednesday, May 6th, 7pm – 10pm at Abode Venue. Tickets are $50 each, and include entry into the event, 2 free drink tickets, and access to food and the cigar bar.

You can purchase tickets now at http://www.pdiks.com/news_events/art_aid

Positive Directions asked me to donate a painting for the ArtAid Live Art Auction at Abode Venue and when I raided my storage closet in search of forgotten treasures I unearthed a 6′ x 4′ portrait of Abraham Lincoln titled “Lincoln’s Ghost” that I painted in 2005. I’m known for painting portraits of Abraham Lincoln and this particular painting is not only the biggest Lincoln portrait I have ever painted but it is also one of my personal favorites. The fact that this painting has survived 10 years in my studio without being recycled or destroyed is proof that I really like this painting. Please support Positive Directions and the wonderful work they do for our community by paying a ridiculous amount of money for my painting.

The event is sponsored by: Standard Beverage, Fork & Fennel, Chester’s Chophouse, Newport Grill, District Taqueria, Douglas Ave. Chop Shop, Cocoa Dolce, The Humidor, Lamphouse Photo Co., and KMUW.


I want to thank all of the amazing people who came to Newman University’s Steckline Gallery today and listened to Turner and I ramble about our silly paintings for 45 minutes. And thanks again to Mary Werner for making it happen.

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Greg Turner and myself will be at Newman University’s Steckline Gallery today (Tuesday, April 28th) at noon for the “Art For Lunch” lecture series to talk about the “Two-Headed Beast” exhibition. Feed us some questions and we will regurgitate our version of wisdom.



I want to thank all of the amazing people who stopped by Newman University to check out the “Two-Headed Beast” exhibition. I also want to thank all of the people that purchased art tonight. Your patronage is much appreciated and I am honored whenever anyone spends their hard earned cash on my artwork. I want to thank Mary Werner for inviting me to show at Newman University. I can now check off another item on my bucket list. I want to thank the amazing Marc Lyle Durfee for hanging the exhibit. I also want to thank Greg Turner for sharing the walls with me and being a continued source of inspiration. I would also like to apologize for my brief absence this evening. I was asked to say a few words at Ted Krone and Ann Krone’s retirement shindig at Friends University and I had to abandon my post to pay tribute to two very wonderful people. If you happened to miss the show tonight it will remain on display until May 15th. And don’t miss our “Art For Lunch” artist lecture on Tuesday, April 28th at Noon – 1:00pm.



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