I’m happy to officially announce that I will be exhibiting with the insanely talented Hannah Scott at Demo this Final Friday. This exhibition should be really fun.

CRAZY FACE – Art by Hannah Scott and Dustin Parker – Demo – 617 W Douglas Ave – Final Friday, August 25th – 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm – https://www.facebook.com/events/482206825472926

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Art exhibition featuring new drawings and paintings by Hannah Scott and Dustin Parker

About Hannah Scott
Born and raised in the Midwest, Hannah Scott currently lives and works as an artist and business owner in Wichita, Kansas. She graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Wichita State University in the Fall of 2014, and is now co-owner of Stamp Yo Face!, a two-person business specializing in hand-drawn rubber portrait stamps.


About Dustin Parker
Dustin Parker is an artist. As an infant, a box of crayons ignited his passion for creating art and that fire continues to burn in his veins. He grew up drawing robots and dinosaurs on his spelling tests and constructing his own action figures out of construction paper and scotch tape. As an adult, Parker earns his nacho money designing logos, drawing illustrations and selling paintings in art galleries. Parker procrastinates about writing and illustrating his first graphic novel but is proficient at wasting time drawing zombies, skulls and dinosaurs. He is nourished by David Lynch films, Chuck Palahniuk novels, Smashing Pumpkins songs and comic books.


Wade Hampton has been drawing illustrations for The Shocker Magazine’s “Marginalia” entries for almost 16 years. Nobody has drawn WuShock more times than Wade. Wade decided it was time to pass the torch to another artist and I’m happy, honored and humbled to be that artist. I have very big shoes to fill. My first issue is out now. I hope all of you enjoy my illustrations as much as I enjoyed creating them. Thanks to Wade for suggesting me and thanks to Connie White for hiring me to draw silly illustrations of WuShock. WuShock is really fun to draw and I can’t wait to start working on the next issue.

All of the illustrations are © Copyright The Shocker, Wichita State University Alumni Magazine.

WSU Marginalia ZintaWSU Marginalia BonnieWSU Marginalia Dégustation de VinsWSU Marginalia George In The ParkWSU Marginalia La LA LandWu Bowling Marginalia May 2017WSU Marginalia Shocker to WatchWSU Marginalia Master Farmer

I’m happy to officially announce that my next solo art exhibition will be called “Dustin Parker’s Monster Mania” and it will be hosted by Lawrence Photo Print & Frame (6508 E Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67206) on Final Friday, October 27th. The exhibit will showcase a new series of digital illustrations featuring wacky monsters, killer robots, skulls, goth girls, alien invaders and anthropomorphic food. This should be a really fun show.


I teamed up with the amazing Emily Brookover to co-curate a food themed art exhibition at CityArts called “Bibs & Forks Food Invitational.” I won’t have any art featured in the exhibition but I created this really silly poster for the exhibit. I hope you like it.

The exhibition opens on Final Friday, July 28th and it will feature art by Brad Ruder, Richard Crowson, Rachel Foster, Kelsy Gossett, Christian Taylor, Ernest Vincent Wood III, Jack Wilson, Wade Hampton, Charlotte Martin, John Pirtle, Dane Jones, Ian Blume, Michella Tripoli, Brady Scott, Charles Baughman, Lauren Fitzgerald, Torin Andersen, and Christian Taylor. The exhibit will be on display in the Boardroom Gallery on the 2nd floor.

“Bibs & Forks Food Invitational”
CityArts – 334 N. Mead St.
Boardroom Gallery – 2nd Floor
Final Friday, July 28th
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Bibs & Forks Poster 2017 WEB

The owners of Crated just announced that they are closing shop on July 31st to focus their resources on their on demand print service company CanvasPop. If you wish to purchase prints of my artwork you have until July 31st to place an order. I have zero plans to open another online shop and this will be your last chance to purchase prints of my artwork for the foreseeable future.

You can visit my Crated store at https://crated.com/dustinparker.

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Last month, Lester Rowe of ARowe Films interviewed me for his I’m Kinda Famous Podcast. You can listen to the full episode right now at https://kindafamouspod.podbean.com/e/22-art-comics-and-villians-with-dustin-parker/.

I’m a big fan of Lester’s podcast and I was extremely honored and humbled to be considered one of his “Kinda Famous” friends. I really enjoyed our chat and I hope to do it again soon. I hope you enjoy the podcast!

I’m Kinda Famous Links

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ART SHOW – PARKER + RAMSEY – Picasso’s Pizzeria – 621 W. Douglas Ave. – Final Friday, May 26th – 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. – https://www.facebook.com/events/310145556090467/.

FINAL FRIDAY Art exhibit featuring new and old paintings by Dusitn Parker and Kody Ramsey. The exhibit will also feature collaborative works created by both artists.

Dustin Parker is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. He is also the administrator of the Wichita Art Scene Facebook Group and a contributor to We Are Wichita. You can see examples of his work at www.dustinparker.com.

Kody Ramsey is a painter, craftsman and musician. Ramsey is currently a member of the band Divorce Corpse and is a former member of Ricky Fitts, You’ll Be A Torso, and Spirit of the Stairs.

Ramsey’s work is heavily influenced by vintage furniture, vivid textiles, classic architectural features and mid-century design. Each piece he creates is an experimentation with new textures and layers, with the goal of creating a complex view of simplistic design. You can see examples of his work at

Works in Progress…