Here is a poster I designed for an art exhibition curated by Stephanie Garcia at Botanica, The Wichita Gardens called “Amuse Bouche.” The exhibit is a benefit for Rainbows United and will feature work from Marc Bosworth, Robert Bubp, Patrick Duegaw, Christopher Gulick, Wade Hampton, Nicolette Perez, Lisa Rundstrom, Melissa Slates, Ian Walker Stewart, Luke Swearingen, Kent Thomas Williams and myself. The big event happens on Final Friday, May 29th, 5-9pm. This will be an amazing show. Don’t miss it!


I decided to set aside the big painting and started working on a bunch of tiny paintings. I like to work on multiple paintings at once. If I hit a creative roadblock on one painting I can move to the next painting and keep going. Here is a painting I just started working on. It only has one layer of paper and one layer of paint. After I brushed on the paint I used a metal comb to scratch into the wet paint. Once the white paint dries I will probably add a layer of black paint.


Putting a fresh coat of varnish on 4 new 1′ x 1′ abstract paintings that I created for the “25 Years of Teaching with Charles Baughman” exhibition at CityArts. I have to deliver the work tomorrow!

The exhibition will open on Final Friday, March 27th from 6-8pm and Chip Chuck Charles will talk to the crowd at 7pm. The exhibit will also feature work by Barbara Amstutz, Lauren Fitzgerald, Conan Fugit, Susan Levine, Melissa Slates, Jordan Tull, Jaclyn Turner, Stephanie Ward and Charles Baughman. This should be a fun show.

CityArts 334 N Mead St, Wichita, KS 67202
Exhibition: 25 Years of Teaching with Charles Baughman
Featured Artists: Dustin Parker, Barbara Amstutz, Lauren Fitzgerald, Conan Fugit, Susan Levine, Melissa Slates, Jordan Tull, Jaclyn Turner, Stephanie Ward and Charles Baughman
Exhibition Date: March 27 – April 18, 2015
Opening Reception: Final Friday, March 27th, 6-8pm
Artist’s Talk:  Final Friday, March 27th, 7pm

Facebook Event Page –


Work In Progress – I am working on a new 4′ x 3′ abstract painting for the “Two-Headed Beast” exhibition. I started by covering the panel with a layer of comic book clippings and crossword puzzles and then I painted over the paper collage with a layer of antique white paint. I just used a large brush to add a layer of black paint. Now I will stare at the painting while the black paint dries and think about my next attack. Will I add a layer of Red? or Blue? Will I use a brush? Or a roller? Or a knife? Will I add or subtract paint? Will I rip off layers of paper? Will I add more paper? So many possibilities. This is what makes painting exciting. Not knowing what comes next. I’m just following my gut and hoping that the end result is worthy of your eyeballs.


Last night I binge-watched “Justice League” cartoons and “finished” 4 new abstract paintings. The 4th painting in the batch was the most troublesome but also the most rewarding because it took me down an unexpected path filled with happy accidents and near disasters. The final painting is more organic and raw and has more energy than the other 3. I was happy because the 4th painting was heading in a direction that I would like to continue following. When I returned to my easel tonight I decided that one of the paintings wasn’t “finished” after all. So I’m channeling the spirits of Cy Twombly and Willem de Kooning to help me fuck shit up.



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