I’ve been suffering through a 3 week long creative drought and the forecast looks bleak. Every drop of mojo is depleted. I need some creativity viagra. I just have zero desire to create anything and whenever I attempt to draw or paint the results are subpar and I crawl deeper into the darkness. Last night I tried to draw a bird and that was a fucking disaster. I’ve been struggling to finish my painting for Gallery XII’s Crazy 8’s Small Works invitational and the deadline to deliver my painting is this Saturday. This damn painting has been a dozen different paintings. I kill it and resurrect it and kill it again. Every road leads to a dead end. I’m frustrated. I’m going to accept defeat and call this painting “finished.”

gallery XII painting

Last night I witnessed the amazing Brad Ruder demonstrate his screen-printing powers at his new studio called Tilt Union located inside Sutton Place (the home of the original Tangent Lab). Same building. Different floor. Strange yet familiar. I’m excited to see all of the magical things Brad creates in his new headquarters.

Tilt Union also happens to be the home of my only offspring with Katie Sykes. Katie and I have done a few digital collaborations in the past but this painting is the only painting that we have ever created together. The painting was created for an exhibit at Tangent Lab called “Hand to Hand: the coast to coast collaborative collage of Rebecca Trawick and David Wallace.”



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