I asked all of my fellow artists in the 12 FINGERED HAND exhibition to design a poster to promote the exhibition and here are the amazing results…

12-fingered-Hand-PosterPoster by Dustin Parker


Poster by Lauren Fitzgerald Miller

1966263_10204117832198756_4623033264425666691_oPoster by Ian Stewart


Poster by John Pirtle


Poster by Brad Ruder


Poster by Kevin Wildt


Poster by Lee Shiney


Poster by Hannah Scott


Poster by Marc Bosworth


Poster by Charles Baughman


Poster by Chris Frank


Poster by Sarah Stewart

The prints arrived safe and sound this afternoon and I signed both prints with a brand new Pigma Micron pen. Signing prints is always extremely nerve-racking because I’m always afraid I will smudge the ink or misspell a word in the title and fuck up the print. These motherfuckers aren’t cheap!

Tomorrow I will drop off the prints at Harris and Company Frame Shop and let Mike Harris work his magic.

You can see the prints and Mike Harris’ awesome framing skills on Final Friday, October 31st at Diver Studio when we unleash the 12 FINGERED HAND.


Tonight I made zero progress. I was exhausted and burnt out and the muse was visiting some far away dimension. I need to recharge the battery and throw some gasoline on the fire.

Instead of painting, I watched a few episodes of “Boardwalk Empire” and  listened to Devo’s “Something For Everybody” while I washed dishes and put fresh litter in the kitty cat’s shit boxes. My life is very exciting and dangerous.

Here is a detail shot of a painting that is almost finished that will probably be titled “Planned Obsolescence.”


I am happy to report that my Frankenstein Monster is 100% complete and ready to be unleashed into the world of man. I’m super happy with the end product and I can’t wait to unveil my twisted monster on Halloween night.

Tomorrow night I will return to the analog universe and begin working on a fresh batch of abstract paintings. I already have one new painting finished and I hope to finish a dozen more before showtime.

Here is one of the many awesome Frankenstein illustrations I discovered while searching for reference images / ideas for my Frankenstein Monster illustration.


Last night digital illustration #2 took a dramatic turn for the better. 5 minutes after I decided that digital illustration #2 was going to be another Abraham Lincoln portrait I realized my drawing of Honest Abe was only 72dpi. I tried to salvage the drawing with a little photoshop magic but my wizardry failed to save Abe from getting another bullet in the head. So Abe is dead again. And another monster has risen to replace him. I’m happy to say that digital illustration #2 is 90% finished and I’m happy with the monster I have created. The illustration is inspired by vintage Marvel comic book covers and vintage plastic halloween masks. Here is a little sneak peak of the work in progress. If you want to see the final product you will need to visit the Diver Studio on Halloween and party with the 12 FINGERED HAND.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 5.00.14 AM


This weekend I locked myself inside the nerd cave and diligently worked on a new batch of artworks for the “12 FINGERED HAND” exhibition while I binge-watched horror films and listened to Joy Division. I conquered the urge to indulge in Wichita’s many distractions, such as GOODING’s live performance at the Murdock Theatre and The Tallgrass Film Festival and the October At The Oldtown Horror Festival to name a few. Now is not the time for indulgences. I must focus and stay productive and create some delicious eye candy for all the little monsters. I have one digital illustration 100% finished and I’m very happy with the final outcome. It took many detours and wrong turns to get there but It got there. It doesn’t help that my iMac has one foot in the grave and struggles to process my madness. But I have to keep riding this dinosaur until it dies the true death.

I’m now hard at work on digital illustration #2. Illustration #2 was going to be a hot pink praying mantis and then it was going to be an ice cream truck and then it was going to be a bird perched on a zombie’s hand and then Illustration #1 ate up so much valuable time that I decided to dig up Abraham Lincoln’s corpse for one more party. I already had a new Abraham Lincoln portrait in the works and people seem to enjoy my Abraham Lincoln portraits so It seemed like a no-brainer to bring Honest Abe back from the dead.

As I’ve stated before, it is easy to abandon ideas when I have the “TWO-HEADED BEAST” exhibition right around the corner.

So expect more skulls and giant bugs and dinosaurs and ice cream trucks and monsters and more in the “TWO-HEADED BEAST” exhibition in 2015.

I’m in the midst of a creative fury trying to create something special for the “12 FINGERED HAND” exhibit at Diver Studio. The majority of my work will be small abstract works but I’ve been eager to experiment with the cross pollination of analog and digital. In the past I’ve always kept my analog and digital work separate but I’ve been thinking about ways to merge the two and create a new kind of monster. I wanted to create one big ugly beast.

I started working on a new digital illustration in the hopes that it would become the first test subject in my analog + digital Frankenstein experiments but now I’m beginning to think that this particular monster is perfectly happy being a strictly digital creation. I have to listen to my lizard brain and follow his guidance. I’m not against abandoning an idea if something interesting reveals itself. I’m happy with where this crazy floating skull is going.

So… I’m abandoning the idea of mixing analog and digital for the moment but I will revisit the idea with gusto when I begin working on the “TWO-HEADED BEAST” exhibit.

At the moment this new digital illustration is called “All our ghosts weigh the same” but that is subject to change.



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